What Is the Sentence for Armed Robbery in Virginia?

Armed robbery is defined as armed robbery because the robber was or was threatened with any kind of weapon or firearm by another robber during the robbery. Armed robbery is a serious crime in Virginia. Robberies across Virginia are mostly attributed to armed robberies, according to the Virginia Department of Justice. Armed robbery takes her … Read more

Virginia Reckless Driving Tickets

That’s reckless driving, and carelessness means chartering. Carelessness, in this case, means reckless and careless driving. Speeding on the roadway is considered reckless driving if you think about the side effects of your speed and the consequences, and you put other people’s lives and those of others at risk. There are 13 other factors that … Read more

Virginia Car Accident Lawyers

Virginia is one of the top states where driving is very inconsiderate and accident rates are very high. According to a study conducted last year by the National Insurance Company, Washington D.C. is the place where accident rates are highest. Finding an attorney for a car accident case is not a difficult task if you … Read more

Traffic Lawyer Arlington VA

One of the most common areas charged with traffic violations in this area each year is I-395 and Route 50, which runs through Arlington County. The types of traffic offences you are charged with can range from simple offences such as speeding and parking incorrectly to more serious offences such as driving without a license. … Read more

Sexual Offense in the Fourth Degree

Fourth – degree sexual assault is a silly sex crime. The crime usually involves some form of sexual contact or touching and includes sexual intercourse, even if it falls under the statutory age of rape. This Act also includes provisions to criminalize non – consensual sexual activity with a minor under 18. The consequences of … Read more

Filing for Sole Custody in VA

Guardianship in Virginia is typically defined as the guardianship of a child in the custody of the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services (VAHHS). Typically, this is defined in terms of an individual, not a group. When a couple divorces and has a child, custody is divided between the guardianship of the child and … Read more

Emergency Custody hearing Maryland

Obtaining a custody decision in Maryland. You fear that your child will be injured in some way and you want to do something about it. Unfortunately, you have no custody of the child. If this ever happens, you don’t have to be a helpless viewer. The answer for you and your child can be a … Read more

Divorce Attorney Annapolis

Divorce makes many men feel unprepared and vulnerable. Divorce can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. This process plunges your life into a state of chaos and threatens the things that matter most to you. With so much at stake, it is crucial that you have someone in your corner to count on to … Read more

Criminal Defense Lawyer Roanoke VA

The decision to hire a criminal lawyer is one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. I represent clients charged with traffic violations and criminal offenses in Roke, Virginia. We fight for reputation, jobs, freedom and the right to the law. You may behave in a number of questions, including: What protections do you … Read more